Backpack Fabrics: Understanding Nylon, Canvas, DCF & More

Four types of backpack material: Dyneema, Gridtstop, Leather, and Cotton Canvas side by side

Today, we’ll take a deep dive into the different backpack fabrics and materials that make up modern-day bags. We’ll start by looking at the most popular synthetic fabrics on the market: nylon (Ripstop, Ballistic, Cordura, and Robic), polyester, neoprene, Dyneema/DCF, ULTRA, X-Pac, and ECOPAK. After that, we’ll look at tried-and-true traditional fabrics, like cotton canvas … Read more

12 Road Trip Tips for a Safe & Memorable Journey

A winding road on a mountain range in Vietnam right before sunset

Throughout my years of road-tripping, I’ve experienced scary accidents, frustrating breakdowns, moments of exhilaration, seemingly endless boredom, and everything in between. I’ve driven to nearly every corner of the country I call home and set off on weekslong adventures in foreign lands in cars, camper vans, and on motorbikes. From these experiences, I’ve learned plenty of … Read more

What is Backpacking? Hiking/Camping vs. Travel/Urban

Split screen of man backpacking: walking down trail and walking down street

When I tell people I’m a backpacker, they sometimes ask, “Well, what is backpacking, exactly?” Maybe they sense a complicated lifestyle choice, so I offer a simple explanation: “Hiking or traveling for extended periods of time with everything I need packed into my backpack.” Let’s dive deeper and discuss the two distinct styles of backpacking: … Read more

8 Best Travel Jeans for Men & Women (Stretchy & Comfortable)

Four sets of travel jeans laid out on a wood floor

The term “travel jeans” might feel like an oxymoron. Traditional denim is stiff, adds considerable weight to your bag, and doesn’t pack well. However, our list of the best travel jeans turns these old-school notions upside-down. With eight stretchy, lightweight, and well-fitting jeans at your fingertips, you can now wave goodbye to old-fashioned denim that … Read more

My Ultralight Minimalist Travel Packing List for 2024

Minimalist traveler walking down street in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Executing minimalist travel is simple: Choose a suitable bag that you can carry onto an airplane Fill it with clothing, gear, and other travel essentials Leave everything else behind By doing so, you’ll experience the world feeling light as a feather, unbothered by the burden of unnecessary stuff. I’ve learned the value of minimalist travel … Read more