Hiker Profile: Jonny Waldman (Founder of Mayfly Ultralight)

Today, in our Hiker Profiles series, we highlight Jonny Waldman, a backpacker, cyclist, rock climber, skier, and all-around outdoor adventurer. He founded Mayfly Ultralight Equipment, an online shop where he sells handmade ultralight camp shoes that weigh just a couple of ounces. Tell us a little bit about yourself I’ve been obsessed with outdoor adventures … Read more

Traveler Profile: Tanner Cibula (Survivalist, Backpacker, Traveler)

Today, in our Traveler Profiles series, we highlight Tanner Cibula, a backpacker, traveler, and self-reliance expert with an incurable urge to thrive and survive during challenging situations in the middle of nowhere. Tell us a little bit about yourself Tanner Cibula is the name, and wilderness adventuring is the game! In the last five years, … Read more