14 Best Hiking Movies & Documentaries to Watch Right Now

Collage of five different hiking movies posters: Wild, Into the Void, 127 Hours,

Even the most outdoorsy among us enjoy a good movie night. But with millions of different titles available, deciding what to watch often feels impossible. Luckily, the best hiking movies and documentaries allow us to experience an adventure from the comfort of our couches. These films cover every genre, from awe-inspiring to feel-good, cautionary tale … Read more

10+ Best Things to Do in Split, Croatia (2024 Guide)

Split is an absolute gem of a port city on the Adriatic Sea, known for its ancient city core, beautiful beaches, and high-season nightlife. I spent weeks there in November, exploring the city’s rich history and the Dalmatian region. Thanks to the area’s temperate Mediterranean climate, Split is famous as a summer getaway (and it’s … Read more

Hiker Profile: Jonny Waldman (Founder of Mayfly Ultralight)

Today, in our Hiker Profiles series, we highlight Jonny Waldman, a backpacker, cyclist, rock climber, skier, and all-around outdoor adventurer. He founded Mayfly Ultralight Equipment, an online shop where he sells handmade ultralight camp shoes that weigh just a couple of ounces. Tell us a little bit about yourself I’ve been obsessed with outdoor adventures … Read more

Backpack Fabrics: Understanding Nylon, Canvas, DCF & More

Four types of backpack material: Dyneema, Gridtstop, Leather, and Cotton Canvas side by side

Today, we’ll take a deep dive into the different backpack fabrics and materials that make up modern-day bags. We’ll start by looking at the most popular synthetic fabrics on the market: nylon (Ripstop, Ballistic, Cordura, and Robic), polyester, neoprene, Dyneema/DCF, ULTRA, X-Pac, and ECOPAK. After that, we’ll look at tried-and-true traditional fabrics, like cotton canvas … Read more

Traveler Profile: Tanner Cibula (Survivalist, Backpacker, Traveler)

Today, in our Traveler Profiles series, we highlight Tanner Cibula, a backpacker, traveler, and self-reliance expert with an incurable urge to thrive and survive during challenging situations in the middle of nowhere. Tell us a little bit about yourself Tanner Cibula is the name, and wilderness adventuring is the game! In the last five years, … Read more

12 Road Trip Tips for a Safe & Memorable Journey

A winding road on a mountain range in Vietnam right before sunset

Throughout my years of road-tripping, I’ve experienced scary accidents, frustrating breakdowns, moments of exhilaration, seemingly endless boredom, and everything in between. I’ve driven to nearly every corner of the country I call home and set off on weekslong adventures in foreign lands in cars, camper vans, and on motorbikes. From these experiences, I’ve learned plenty of … Read more