Ideal 10-Day Colorado Road Trip Itinerary (Ideas, Costs & Map)

A country road leading towards towering blue mountains in the distance

If I had to sit down and draw up my dream US road trip itinerary, I’d have a hell of a hard time ever leaving my home state of Colorado. I’m a hopeless skiing, hiking, camping, and outdoor addict, and I can’t imagine a better setting to fire up my camper van and start exploring. … Read more

12 Best Minimalist Barefoot Sandals for Running & Hiking

Three sets of minimalist barefoot trail running sandals on pieces of wood

I’ve been searching for a more minimalist approach to footwear for years since I bought my first Vibram Five Finger style back in 2005. From my years of research, I’ve put together my list of the best minimalist barefoot running sandals for men and women. What are minimalist barefoot sandals? They’re typically lightweight, highly flexible, … Read more

The Top Wool Hiking Socks for All-Season Comfort

Three pairs of wool hiking socks propped of up logs with mountains in the distance

As a former REI employee with three-and-a-half years of experience in the footwear department, customers have approached me countless times to ask which hiking socks are best for their next adventure. I’m a gear nerd and know that small details make all the difference in creating the best experience outdoors. Various types of hiking require … Read more

11 Best Backpacking Tents for All Budgets

Picking out one of the best backpacking tents for your gear list is no small task. Because, in the wild and unforgiving backcountry, your shelter is the only thing protecting you from the wind, rain, and critters that await outside. That’s why we’ve carefully chosen the eleven best backpacking tents on the market and given … Read more

Van Life: 13 Good, Bad & Strange Realities of Living in a Van

During my six years of on-again-off-again van life in my 2005 Chevy Astro, I’ve ventured down countless roads in search of riveting and unconventional experiences. I’ve bumped down rutted-out backcountry trails, cruised across barren deserts, navigated congested city streets, flown through miles of endless plains, and hopped aboard ferries to remote islands. I’ve slept at … Read more