14 Best Hiking Movies & Documentaries to Watch Right Now

Collage of five different hiking movies posters: Wild, Into the Void, 127 Hours,

Even the most outdoorsy among us enjoy a good movie night. But with millions of different titles available, deciding what to watch often feels impossible. Luckily, the best hiking movies and documentaries allow us to experience an adventure from the comfort of our couches. These films cover every genre, from awe-inspiring to feel-good, cautionary tale … Read more

What is Backpacking? Hiking/Camping vs. Travel/Urban

Split screen of man backpacking: walking down trail and walking down street

When I tell people I’m a backpacker, they sometimes ask, “Well, what is backpacking, exactly?” Maybe they sense a complicated lifestyle choice, so I offer a simple explanation: “Hiking or traveling for extended periods of time with everything I need packed into my backpack.” Let’s dive deeper and discuss the two distinct styles of backpacking: … Read more

47 Thrilling Adventure Movies for Travelers & Thrill Seekers

Seven different scenes from adventure movies

Are you eager to add some adventure to your life? First, use this list to find vicarious inspiration from the best adventure movies out there. I’ve gathered films and documentaries that are travel- and outdoor-themed adventures, to fit with the spirit of this blog. We’ll kick off this list with movies spanning everything from decades-old … Read more

Best US Cities for Hikers to Visit (or Live) for Primo Hiking 

I had two must-haves when putting together this list of the best US cities for hikers: 1) larger, vibrant cities; and 2) close proximity to natural wonders. That’s my dream — to commune with nature by day, then wash off the trail dust in a big city spa before exploring the nightlife. I looked for … Read more