How We Test & Review Products

Goals & Methods

Our team of testers are outdoor enthusiasts with years of hands-on expertise in their categories. They’ve endured bad gear and discovered great gear, and we want you to benefit from their findings. They’re the kind of people we all hope to meet and befriend on those long trails.

We prefer to buy gear with our own money, either online or in retail stores. Just as you would. Those are the most relevant samples, plus we’re exposed to the same customer support issues you may encounter.

We occasionally accept manufacturer samples, especially for pre-release items that will hit your stores in the coming weeks or months. But there are never strings attached; you’ll always get our honest, unbiased feedback. We either return those used samples, donate them to charity, or continue to use them and report long-term performance results to you.

We test gear over weeks, months, or years in real-world usage scenarios. Our notes and photos document our experiences, and we share our findings. Along the way, we’ll also share our thoughts on nature, our fellow travelers, and how to live a full and satisfying life.

We use our years of industry and outdoors expertise to steer you to solid choices from proven brands. We also search for the best values and lowest prices, to stretch your budget. And to keep the lights on in our offices, we may include affiliate links that could earn us small commissions at no cost to you. Our passion for the outdoors isn’t enough to pay the utility bills!

Principles & Delivery

We’re Human & Original — No AI or plagiarism here. Our writers are committed to the 5 Principles of Ethical Journalism — accuracy, independence, impartiality, humanity, and accountability. Our editors confirm the originality and accuracy of our articles.

No Conflicts of Interest — We aren’t swayed by free test samples from manufacturers. We always tell it like we see it. We have editorial practices and a code of ethics to keep everyone on-track.