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Skiing in Japan: When/Where to Go & What to Expect in 2024

Imagine carving through deep powder for hours before pausing to enjoy fresh, hot ramen and a cold beer for less than $10 USD. You click back in to enjoy even more powder lines after lunch, and at the end of the day, you beeline to a nearby hot spring for a long, relaxing soak. No, … Read more

TOM BIHN Techonaut 30 Review: An Elite Travel Backpack?

Searching for your next travel backpack? Read our in-depth review of the TOM BIHN Techonaut 30, which covers its materials, design, durability, and more. I’m a bit of a backpack nerd if you haven’t figured it out by now. I’ve spent more hours (days?) of my life geeking out over bags than I’d like to … Read more
Four types of backpack material: Dyneema, Gridtstop, Leather, and Cotton Canvas side by side

Backpack Fabrics: Understanding Nylon, Canvas, DCF & More

Today, we’ll take a deep dive into the different backpack fabrics and materials that make up modern-day bags. We’ll start by looking at the most popular synthetic fabrics on the market: nylon (Ripstop, Ballistic, Cordura, and Robic), polyester, neoprene, Dyneema/DCF, ULTRA, X-Pac, and ECOPAK. After that, we’ll look at tried-and-true traditional fabrics, like cotton canvas … Read more

Traveler Profile: Tanner Cibula (Survivalist, Backpacker, Traveler)

Today, in our Traveler Profiles series, we highlight Tanner Cibula, a backpacker, traveler, and self-reliance expert with an incurable urge to thrive and survive during challenging situations in the middle of nowhere. Tell us a little bit about yourself Tanner Cibula is the name, and wilderness adventuring is the game! In the last five years, … Read more
A winding road on a mountain range in Vietnam right before sunset

12 Road Trip Tips for a Safe & Memorable Journey

Throughout my years of road-tripping, I’ve experienced scary accidents, frustrating breakdowns, moments of exhilaration, seemingly endless boredom, and everything in between. I’ve driven to nearly every corner of the country I call home and set off on weekslong adventures in foreign lands in cars, camper vans, and on motorbikes. From these experiences, I’ve learned plenty of … Read more

20 Top Things to Do in Portugal (Recommended by a Local)

I’m here today to share the best things you can do in Portugal, that little rectangle in the southwest corner of Europe. I’m a local, so you’ll get the inside scoop, not just generic tour advice. This post will be a bit of a love letter to an extraordinary place that once was a vast … Read more
Seven different scenes from adventure movies

47 Thrilling Adventure Movies for Travelers & Thrill Seekers

Are you eager to add some adventure to your life? First, use this list to find vicarious inspiration from the best adventure movies out there. I’ve gathered films and documentaries that are travel- and outdoor-themed adventures, to fit with the spirit of this blog. We’ll kick off this list with movies spanning everything from decades-old … Read more

16 Travel Jobs & Side Hustles [Get Paid to Travel!]

There’s nothing like a quality vacation after working hard all year, but what if you could find a travel job and get paid to explore the world? There are loads of jobs and side hustles out there that are directly related to travel, and landing one is a lot more doable than one might think. … Read more
Four sets of travel jeans laid out on a wood floor

8 Best Travel Jeans for Men & Women (Stretchy & Comfortable)

The term “travel jeans” might feel like an oxymoron. Traditional denim is stiff, adds considerable weight to your bag, and doesn’t pack well. However, our list of the best travel jeans turns these old-school notions upside-down. With eight stretchy, lightweight, and well-fitting jeans at your fingertips, you can now wave goodbye to old-fashioned denim that … Read more
Budget traveling couple walking down the streets of Prague at sunset

22 Budget Travel Tips: Wise Advice on How to Travel Cheap

Seeing the world doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, if you stick to our time-tested budget travel tips, you can take longer trips while minimizing damage to your savings account. From using VPNs to find the cheapest flights to seeking out the lowest ATM fees, there’s a lot you can do to bring your … Read more
Hiker wearing a camo shirt and red hat perched on a rock with a titanium flask in his hand

6 Indestructible Titanium Flasks for Camping, Travel & Hiking

Hiding your booze from Johnny Law like a 1920s Prohibition-era rascal just got much easier with one of these best titanium flasks for camping, travel, and hiking. And while Prohibition is over, the devices’ usefulness continues. Unlike those old-timey flasks made from questionable metals, these ultralight, leakproof, durable, and discreet vessels won’t leach chemicals into … Read more
Various van life essentials gear including a stove, Hydroflask, wet wipes, fire extinguisher, power bank, espresso maker, first-aid kit, and more

49 Van Life Essentials: Must-Haves to Raise Your Gear Game

Ol’ Champ, my beloved 2005 Chevy Astro camper van, has taken me through desolate deserts, breathtaking mountain ranges, chaotic city streets, and everywhere in between. I’ve spent months living under its humble steel roof with all I could ever need and nothing more. I know a thing or two about what’s essential when it comes … Read more
Six waterproof backpacks, Breakwater Supply, Zpacks, Patagonia, Matador, EarthPak, and Osprey with drops of water on them in the forest

13 Waterproof Backpacks to Keep Your Gear Dry in 2024

Ever hiked in the pouring rain, eager to change into the dry clothes inside your pack, only to find out they were soaking wet when you finished? We sure have, which is why we created this list of the 13 best waterproof backpacks of 2024. These weatherproof packs will keep you and your gear dry … Read more

Living in China: What Life is Like as an Expat (Pros & Cons)

Living in China, whether residing in an uber-modern city of ten million in the far east or a bustling mega-city of 16 million, sounded absurd. With everything I previously knew about China coming from stereotypes and media stories, I was curious. Is China a good place to live? Could China provide a foreigner with a … Read more
12 different travel essentials laid out across a table including a speaker, adapter, water bottle, phone case, and more

18 Simple Travel Essentials for 2024 & Beyond

Whether you’re headed out for a quick business trip, a monthslong world tour, or a laid-back weekend at the beach, our list of 2024’s best travel essentials has you covered. Sure, some necessities are obvious — toiletries, medications, snacks, phones — we know you’ll pack those. We’re here to cover the game-changing items you may … Read more
Three ultralight ditty bags on a wooden desk

Our 8 Favorite Ditty Bags for Backpacking & Travel Gear

The last thing you need when taking a trip is to stress over completely preventable inconveniences. Careful packing and storage planning is a big part of that, so do yourself a favor and check out the best ditty bags to organize your travel and backpacking gear. What’s a ditty bag used for in the context … Read more

How to Pack Light & Travel with Less (Like a Pro)

Want to travel light? Then you’d better pack light! This simple bit of advice will fix most of problems if you’re a traveler who is weighed down with a suitcase that’s bursting at the seams and endangering anyone in its path. Beyond bringing less, there’s more to the art of one bag packing and travel. … Read more
Takoyaki chefs in Osaka, Japan

Osaka’s Unreal Street Food: 12 Street Eats in Japan’s Kitchen

I heard it repeatedly — for a taste of Japan’s very best food, I had to sample Osaka’s street food. And in Osaka, street food in the Dotonbori neighborhood was the best-of-the-best. As a foodie, I clearly had no choice, so I booked a hotel in Dotonbori and set out on a four-day exploration of … Read more
Black NEMO Helio XL foot pump camp shower with a camper van and solar panels in the background

11 Best Camping Showers to Stay Fresh & Clean Outdoors

Sure, there’s a rugged charm to that all-natural, musky scent after a long day’s hike. More power to you if that’s your thing, but take it from a seasoned outdoorsman – you’ll have a much more comfortable time out in nature with one of the best camp showers. Life can get a little itchy after … Read more
Ditty bag, packing cube, and toiletries kit laid out across a tile floor

16 Travel Organizers to Keep Your Luggage & Bags Tidy

The best travel organizers eliminate clutter, bring order to your life, and make packing a cinch. If you aim to keep your travel gear organized on the go, you made it to the right place. After all, when you’re dialed in, you won’t panic nearly as much over your passport’s whereabouts. But there’s more to … Read more