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Four sets of travel jeans laid out on a wood floor

8 Best Travel Jeans of 2023: Stellar Denim for Men & Women

The term “travel jeans” might feel like an oxymoron. Traditional denim is stiff, adds considerable weight to your bag, and doesn’t pack well. However, our list of the best travel jeans for 2023 turns these old-school notions upside-down. With eight stretchy, lightweight, and well-fitting jeans at your fingertips, you can now wave goodbye to old-fashioned … Read more
Hiker wearing a camo shirt and red hat perched on a rock with a titanium flask in his hand

6 Best Titanium Flasks for Camping, Travel & Hiking

Hiding your booze from Johnny Law like a 1920s Prohibition-era rascal just got much easier with one of these best titanium flasks for camping, travel, and hiking. And while Prohibition is over, the devices’ usefulness continues. Unlike those old-timey flasks made from questionable metals, these ultralight, leakproof, durable, and discreet vessels won’t leach chemicals into … Read more
Various van life essentials gear including a stove, Hydroflask, wet wipes, fire extinguisher, power bank, espresso maker, first-aid kit, and more

49 Van Life Essentials: Accessories, Gadgets & Must-Haves

Ol’ Champ, my beloved 2005 Chevy Astro camper van, has taken me through desolate deserts, breathtaking mountain ranges, chaotic city streets, and everywhere in between. I’ve spent months living under its humble steel roof with all I could ever need and nothing more. I know a thing or two about what’s essential when it comes … Read more
Waterproof backpack with beads of precipitation on it, leaned against a rock with a Zpacks label

13 Best Waterproof Backpacks of 2023 [Keep Your Gear Dry]

Ever hiked in the rain, eager to change into the dry clothes inside your pack… only to find out they were soaking wet? I sure have, which is why I created this list of the 13 best waterproof backpacks of 2023. These weatherproof packs are a match for any humid or wet-weather adventure out there. … Read more
Water bottle, laptop sleeve, adapter, headphones, speaker, battery bank, and travel journal on a wooden table

Travel Essentials: 20 Trusty Necessities for Men & Women

What are you packing for? A quick business trip? A leisurely world tour? A laid-back weekend at the beach? Choosing the right items to bring along can be tricky, regardless of the trip you’ve planned. To help, we’ve compiled this updated list of our favorite travel essentials for men and women in 2023, plus six … Read more
Three ultralight ditty bags on a wooden desk

7 Best Ditty Bags for Backpacking & Travel Gear in 2023

The last thing you need when taking a trip is to stress over completely preventable inconveniences. Careful packing and storage planning is a big part of that, so do yourself a favor and check out the best ditty bags to organize your travel and backpacking gear in 2023. What’s a ditty bag used for in … Read more
Black NEMO Helio XL foot pump camp shower with a camper van and solar panels in the background

11 Best Camp Showers to Stay Fresh & Clean in 2023

Sure, there’s a rugged charm to that all-natural, musky scent after a long day’s hike. More power to you if that’s your thing, but take it from a seasoned outdoorsman – you’ll have a much more comfortable time out in nature with one of the best camp showers of 2023. Life can get a little … Read more
Ditty bag, packing cube, and toiletries kit laid out across a tile floor

Best Travel Organizers [Keep Your Luggage & Bags Tidy]

The best travel organizers of 2023 eliminate clutter, bring order to your life, and make packing a cinch. If you aim to keep your travel gear organized on the go, you made it to the right place. After all, when you’re dialed in, you won’t panic nearly as much over your passport’s whereabouts. But there’s … Read more
Minimalist traveler walking down street in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Minimalist Travel [DIY Packing List + Best Ultralight Gear]

Minimalist travel — these two words sound a tad extreme, don’t they? If they conjure up images of a sunburnt drifter hobbling down the sidewalk with ragged clothes and nothing to their name, I can’t blame you. But, it’s not like that, I swear. Minimalist travel is anything but an aimless struggle. It’s quite the … Read more

54 Road Trip Essentials [Handy Packing List + Must-Haves]

I’ve been learning the ins and outs of road trip essentials and perfecting my packing list since I was old enough to get behind the wheel. The open road had me hooked at a very young age and will continue to draw me in for the rest of my days. As an eager teenager, I … Read more

11 Best Packable Travel Hats for Men [Crushable & Stylish]

Heading out? Traveling in style is easy with with our guide to the best packable travel hats for men of 2023. We men carefully choose our headwear to block the sun, cover up our unkempt hair, or to make a fashion statement on the road. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of versatile hats and … Read more

12 Best Personal Item Bags for Underseat Carry-On Travel

Sixty bucks to carry on my bag at the Milwaukee airport?! That’s my backstory for this list of 2023’s best personal item bags. I usually fly budget airlines like Spirit or Frontier. They’re mostly okay, but if you don’t watch the size of your luggage, they’ll hit you with nasty gate fees that’ll wipe out … Read more

7 Best Titanium Water Bottles [Lightweight & Durable]

If you’re a minimalist traveler and ultralight backpacker like me, choosing the best titanium water bottle for your 2023 adventures is serious business. The vessel for your precious hydration must be lightweight, practical, and indestructible as it lugs your liquid from Point A to Point B and beyond. Though a touch pricier than a traditional … Read more
Water bottle, journal, sandals, AG1, speaker, sunglasses, pen, headphones, and other minimalist gifts on a table

38 Gifts for Minimalists in 2023 [Simple & Practical Ideas]

It’s challenging to find perfect gifts for people who already have everything they want. I’m talking about those who choose to live with very few possessions. To keep your gift out of their white elephant dumpster, here are a few tips on 2023’s best gift ideas for men and women who identify as minimalists. Before … Read more
Three sets of men's travel shoes resting on the bumper of a van

16 Best Travel Shoes (Men’s & Women’s) for Walking All Day

Smart travelers know the value of great shoes. When you’re on your feet all day — whether it’s hiking a trail or walking neighborhoods in a new city — your footwear can make an enormous difference. That’s why I’m here to report on the best men’s and women’s travel shoes for walking all day in … Read more

15 Best Minimalist Backpacks for Modern One-Bag Travel 2023

As a nomad who lives with less, few things get me fired up like simple one bag travel while donning my minimalist backpack. The feeling that overcomes me knowing everything I need is gently resting on my shoulders as I get to know a new place is simply exhilarating. But fitting my travel essentials comfortably … Read more

Polyester vs Cotton: Which Material is Best for Traveling?

Each day we’re faced with the choice of what to wear to best suit our needs, and this decision becomes even more magnified when we’re traveling.  Catching trains, navigating airports, exploring crowded city streets – the movement of life on the go requires comfort, functionality, and confidence. If you’re reading this article, then you likely … Read more

Carry-On Packing List for One Week or More [Updated 2023]

I’ve been traveling light and using packing lists for years, and I’ll never take for granted how good it feels to travel carry-on only. Because I’ve seen how miserable traveling with excess can be. But here’s the good news: Baggage doesn’t have to slow us down. Traveling light is a choice. We don’t have to … Read more
JBL Charge 3 Speaker in front of a brick wall

JBL Charge 3 Review: A Capable Travel Speaker?

Price: $150 MSRP – Check Price on Amazon Noel’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars Pros: Powerful! Great sound quality, impressive battery life, waterproof, able to charge devices Cons: Size/weight not ideal for lightweight travel, exposed subwoofers Weight: 28.2 oz (800 grams) Lighter/Smaller Option: UE Boom 3: 21 oz | 608 grams Budget Option: Anker Soundcore 3 Overview: JBL Charge … Read more