Carry-On Packing List for One-Bag Travel (One Week or More)

Carry on packing list gear laid out across a wood floor
Carry-On Packing List

I’ve been traveling light and using packing lists for years, and I’ll never take for granted how good it feels to travel carry-on only.

Because I’ve seen how exhausting traveling with excess can be.

But overstuffed baggage doesn’t have to slow us down.

That’s why I’m going to give you an up-close look at my do-everything, all-season travel setup.

I want to show you precisely what a lightweight and practical approach to travel looks like.

So, take a look inside my bag, and check off the boxes of my carry-on packing list as you get ready for your next adventure.

Maybe you can transform your travel bag into something lighter and more mobile, or maybe you’ll find a game-changing piece of gear to help liberate your life on the road.

Packing Light: The Benefits of Carry-On Only Travel

A black backpack rests against a van in a driveway
Pack Light, Travel Right

I’ve preached to you that traveling light and utilizing a carry-on packing list is of the utmost importance, so let me tell you why.

Why must everything fit in one bag?

What’s wrong with checked luggage?

Traveling Light is Far More Comfortable

In the world of travel packing, less is more.

Less baggage to carry means more freedom and mobility.

Less stuff to lug around means more energy to focus on the world around you.

Less weighing you down means a more comfortable travel experience.

Who doesn’t want that?

Checking Bags Doesn’t Always End Up So Well

I’ve seen and heard horror stories of checking baggage, and I want no part of the drama.

Friends have told me painful tales of bags getting lost and taking weeks to make it back to them.

I’ve seen a relative’s luggage zipped wide-open with clothing spilling out as it rotated slowly along the luggage carousel.

I’ve watched my girlfriend’s heart drop as she opened her checked bag, revealing a mess of scrambled and broken belongings inside.

While situations like these aren’t the norm, there’s always risk involved when you hand your baggage off to a set of busy strangers.

Carry-On Only Travel Saves Time

Packing lists eliminate the stress and guesswork that often come along with organizing your luggage.

By knowing exactly what to pack and what to leave behind, you’ll get ready for your travels much faster and more efficiently.

By choosing not to check bags, you’ll never have to wait around anxiously at baggage claim either.

Just grab your bag, walk off the plane, and get moving.

Must-Bring Travel Essentials

Certain items you simply cannot travel without.

IDs. Visas. Money. Cell phones. Medications. Important travel documents.

The items below are likely to stop you dead in your tracks if you’ve left one (or more) of them behind.

While many of the items below (tickets, insurance info, travel documents, etc.) can be saved and accessed digitally, don’t forget to bring hard copies as well.

Check this list twice.

Once after you’ve finished packing, and a second time right before you walk out the door.


ID Card/Drivers License


Cash/Credit Cards

Cell Phone



Insurance Documents

Copies of Passport/Visa


Travel Itineraries

Travel Reservations

iPhone 13 Pro smartphone

Do-it-All Cell Phone: iPhone 13 Pro

A quality smartphone is a smart investment when putting together your travel packing list. My iPhone 13 Pro has loads of storage (512 GB), a fast processor, an incredible camera, and a beautiful display. Yes, it’s expensive, but it was worth every penny.


Black soft shell travel wallet

Wallet: Slimfold Soft Shell

The thinner the wallet, the better. That’s why I love the Slimfold Soft Shell. Its minimalist design makes it barely noticeable in my pocket. The wallet is simple, easy to access, and holds everything I ask of it. What more could you ask for in a travel wallet?


Leather passport holder

Passport Cover: J.Crew

I’m glad I received this passport cover as a gift because I would’ve never thought to buy one for myself. It’s durable leather construction shields my passport from the harsh rigors of travel. In addition to protecting my cherished passport, my cover can store important documents as well.


Carry-On Travel Bags

Carry-on travel begins and ends with the luggage you bring along.

Make sure your main piece of travel baggage abides by the carry-on size guidelines of the airlines you’ll be using, and you’ll be in great shape.

The age-old question of, “Should I use a rolling suitcase or a backpack?” is entirely yours to answer.

I use a backpack simply because I can move around easier while wearing it.

Don’t forget to bring a packable daypack, which can double as a personal item at the airport.

Main Travel Backpack


Camera Bag

Black carry-on only backpack

Backpack: Osprey Porter 46

Osprey’s Porter 46 is comfortable, functional, and durable. I loved using it as my main travel bag. That said, it slightly exceeds some airlines’ carry-on luggage limits, though I’ve never been questioned about it once. Consider the Farpoint 40, if the Porter 46’s limitations give you pause.

Read my article on the 15 best minimalist travel backpacks.


Black carry on backpack for travel packing list

Daypack: Matador Freerain24

I fell in love with this daypack’s features before I ever ordered it. It’s is completely waterproof, weighs only four ounces, and packs down into the palm of my hand. The bag is great for day trips or hikes when bringing along my main travel bag would be overkill.


Black camera bag

Camera Bag: Denali

This minimalist camera bag fits my Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera, two lenses, and its spare batteries perfectly. That’s all I could ever ask of it. If my camera and lens kit were any larger, I’d be forced to go searching for another bag, but for now, I’m good.

Lightweight Travel Luxuries

Below are the non-essential odds and ends that always find their way into my bag anyways.

Sure, I don’t need to pack a single one of these items, but that’s not the point.

This particular gear enhances my life of travel enough to warrant a permanent spot on my packing list and in my carry-on bag.

Ask yourself, “Which items truly make life better while traveling, and which items can I leave behind?”

Carefully construct your own lightweight list of travel luxuries and, if ever in doubt, live by the timeless moniker, Less is more.

Water Bottle


Travel Locks


Packing Cubes


Battery Bank


Bluetooth Speaker

Blue collapsible water pouches

Water Pouch: Sawyer 32 oz

If you’re a frugal traveler, you know that paying for water can bust budgets. That’s why I always carry my Sawyer 32 oz backpacking water pouches. And, when I find fresh water, I pounce and fill these bad boys to the brim. Using them keeps me away from single-use plastics as well, which is a good thing.


Lightweight earplugs to pack for travel

Earplugs: Howard Leight

I’m an earplug snob. Sure, it sounds a bit ridiculous, but I’d rather listen to a stranger snore all night than toss and turn while wearing uncomfortable earplugs. I’ve tried out several brands, and I’ve finally found my forever-plugs, the Howard Leights. They’re comfy and effective. Second-to-none.


Black luggage locks

Travel Lock: TSA-Approved Padlocks

I’m no travel lock expert, but I can tell you that these sturdy little padlocks get the job done. They’re well-built and make it easy to set a unique 4-digit combo. They’re TSA-approved, which means airport security will use keys, not lock-cutters to see what’s in your bag.


Green and black lightweight hiking and backpacking towel

Mini-Towel: Packtowl Ultralight Microfiber

Since the vast majority of hotels and hostels offer free towels, I never pack a full-sized towel of my own. I do, however, pack one of these ultra-compact Packtowls for the rare occasion that I can’t get my hands on a towel when I need one.


Packing Cubes: SuitedNomad

Organization is key in the carry-on lifestyle, which is why any sane traveler must include a set of packing cubes on their list. I use two cubes while I travel – one for my clean clothes and the other to store my dirty ones. Without this simple organization, my bag would be a disaster.


Black Sony headphones

Headphones: Sony Xtra Bass

While compact earbud-style headphones might be more practical for lightweight travel, the Sony Xtra Bass’s have found a stable place in my packing list anyways. I love the feel of over-ear headphones, and this pair puts out deep, quality sound at an approachable price.


Black battery bank

Battery Bank: Anker Powercore II

My trusty little battery bank bails me out time and time again on the road. It’s durable and compact, and will fully charge my cell phone twice before it runs out of juice itself. As a traveler and blogger, I’m grateful for every instance that it’s kept my precious phone from dying.


Black lightweight headlamp

Headlamp: Nitecore NU25

I don’t use my headlamp frequently when I travel, but it’s sure nice to have around when I need it. Whether I’m packing up camp on the Huemul Circuit as pre-dawn winds howl or drunkenly night fishing on the North Shore of Hawaii, my headlamp always shines bright and leads the way.


Black Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speaker: JBL Flip 4

Do I need to pack a Bluetooth speaker? Well, no. That’s why I choose not to bring the Flip 4 on many of my trips. That said, this speaker is compact, waterproof, and sounds great. I won’t hesitate to bring it along on the trips where I might feel the need to rock out sans headphones.


Lightweight & Packable Travel Clothing

The biggest hindrance to packing light is the traveler’s tendency to bring far too many clothes along.

Few things make me cringe more than witnessing a fellow traveler fight and struggle with a bag that is bursting at the seams with two weeks’ worth of clothing.

Avoid being that traveler and instead pack a lightweight and durable set of clothing for your next adventure.

Stay away from the heavier cotton-based materials (like denim!) to experience the true joy of packing light.

I bring a maximum of six shirts and two pairs of travel pants for every trip I take, and I usually manage not to come across as a scruffy and stinky drifter.


I pack clothing made from highly-breathable materials that stay fresh longer than cotton.

I pack mostly dark colors that hide the constant smudges and stains of travel.

And, yes, I utilize laundromats or sink-wash my clothing before it’s reached its limit.


Travel Pants (2)


Rain Jacket

Athletic Shorts

Button-Up Shirt

T-Shirts (4)

Underwear (5)

Socks (5)


Sweater: TSLA 1/4 Zip

I know what you’re thinking. Does Tesla really make clothing?! No, they don’t, but this brand happens to be well-made and affordable. My 1/4 zip sweater is super-comfy, keeps me warm, and packs down small. In many ways, it’s the perfect travel sweater.


Travel Pants: Wool&Prince Stretch Canvas

Versatile pants are essential for carry-on travel and the Wool&Prince Stretch Canvas check all the boxes. They fit super well, match with all my shirts, and are super stretchy and durable. My uncomfortable days of traveling in constricting pants are now far behind me.


Athletic sandals

Athletic Sandals: Chaco Z1

My Chaco Z1s are beefy, versatile, and well-built. Their thick, durable soles give the support and stability of a hiking boot while allowing the breathability and convenience of a sandal. These are heavier and take up more space than flip flops, but they do so much more.


Black lightweight travel packing rain jacket

Rain Jacket: Marmot Precip

While this isn’t my favorite rain jacket for trekking and backpacking, it works well as a lightweight travel jacket. It blocks rain nicely, but it also keeps me warm when worn as a shell with my Tesla 1/4 zip sweater when life on the road gets chilly.


Black running, hiking and backpacking shorts

Athletic Shorts: Patagonia Nine Trails

A good set of athletic shorts will always have a place on my packing list, and these are my absolute favorites. They’re feather-light, fit comfortably, and dry quickly. They also have three zippered pockets, so I’m not at risk of losing my important travel essentials.


Blue button up travel shirt

Button-Up Shirt: Columbia Silver Ridge

While this is my main shirt for backpacking and hiking trips, it’s stylish and practical enough to use as a stand-alone travel shirt as well. I don this shirt when I need to transform from ‘scruffy budget backpacker’ to ‘respectable, cultured traveler,’ and it works like a charm.


A navy blue breathable athletic shirt for outdoor lovers

T-Shirts: 32 Degrees Cool Crew

These 32 Degrees t-shirts are perfect for my minimalist style of travel. They’re a blend — 90% polyester, 10% Spandex — which makes them soft and breathable without stretching out or losing their fit. They’re very affordable too, so if I stain, rip, or lose one, it’s not the end of the world.


Black boxer briefs

Boxer Briefs: ExOfficio Give ‘n’ Go

The Give ‘n’ Gos are my go-to everyday boxer brief. Travel, hiking, blogging, you name it, they get the job done. They’re comfy, breathable, and odor-resistant, which makes them especially great for travel. Never underestimate the importance of a good set of undies.


Black athletic sock

Socks: Darn Tough No Show

Darn Tough makes the most comfortable and durable socks I’ve ever put on, hands down. They’re a perfect blend of Merino wool, nylon, and Spandex that keep my feet feeling fresh and comfortable during the throes of travel. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Definitely.


Travel belt with hidden money

Travel Belt: Jasgood

Nobody has ever pickpocketed me before, and I aim to keep it that way. By using this zippered money belt, I’m able to keep all of my big bills and important documents hidden safely away from thieves. This belt, along with my pant’s zippered pockets, makes it really difficult to pickpocket me.


Cold Weather Travel Clothing

Sometimes travel will take you to chilly destinations, so you’d better be prepared with warm, lightweight, and packable travel clothing when the conditions are downright cold.

With all the warm and well-made winter gear on the market, there’s no excuse to let cold weather cheapen or derail your trip.

And, no, preparing for a frosty weather adventure doesn’t mean you have to ditch your carry-on travel mantra either.

The five pieces of clothing below help keep me toasty when the temperature drops and bitter conditions set in.

As a whole, these items pack down very small and weigh less than 1.5 pounds (700 grams) combined – a small price to pay for warmth and comfort.

Winter Jacket

Long Underwear

Warm Hat

Warm Socks


Black down jacket

Down Jacket: Arc’teryx Cerium LT

The Cerium LT is the warmest down jacket I’ve ever owned, by a long shot. It keeps me comfortable down into below-freezing temperatures and is a must-bring on all my cold-weather backpacking adventures. It’s insanely lightweight and packs down conveniently into its built-in stuff sack.


Black long underwear

Long Underwear: Patagonia Capilene

I love my lightweight travel pants, but they don’t always keep my legs warm when temperatures drop. That’s why I bring these along to all of my cold-weather travel destinations. They provide an extra layer of warmth and take up barely any room in my bag.


Black fleece beanie

Warm Hat: Carhartt Knit Beanie

This fleece beanie is a staple of my cold-weather outfit, whether I’m traveling or not. I love it not only for its warmth and comfort but also for its affordable price tag. When I lost my first Carhartt beanie, I had zero hesitation in replacing it immediately.


Grey wool sock

Warm Socks: Smartwool Extra Heavy

My travel shoes often need a little help insulating my feet in frosty weather, which is why I pack a pair of Smartwool Extra Heavy socks when the temperatures call for them. These socks are ultra-warm, though, so consider a pair of Darn Tough Hikers if your feet tend to run hot.


Black waterproof glove

Gloves: Sealskinz Waterproof

I bought these waterproof gloves solely for hiking and backpacking, but they’ve proven to be a great travel glove as well. They’re compact, stylish, and comfortable and keep my hands toasty warm on even the coldest winter days.


Travel Photography Gear 

It’d be an absolute pity to travel the world without quality photography gear to capture all of life’s vivid moments on the road.

Not only do I cherish the thousands of memorable photos my camera has taken, but these images enhance my blog and bring it to life for you, my beloved reader.

Don’t worry, it’s entirely possible to pack a top-notch photography setup while still traveling light.

You just need to get your hands on the right gear.

Nearly every single photo on this blog was captured through the camera and lenses I’ve listed below or with my trusty iPhone 13 Pro.

My setup is compact and portable and has found a comfortable place in my lightweight packing list for years to come.


Extra Lenses


Camera Bag

Extra Batteries/Charger

Black and silver olympus camera

Camera/Lens Kit: Olympus O-MD E-M10

After tireless research into mirrorless travel cameras, I bought the Olympus O-MD E-M10 in 2015, and it’s been a proud part of my carry-on packing list ever since. It’s sleek, durable, and effortless to use, and reliably captures high-quality photos.


Lightweight packable travel tripod

Tripod: Ultrapod

The Ultrapod II is one of the most compact and affordable travel tripods on the market, which is why adding it to my travel photography setup was a no-brainer. Sure, its short stature limits its capabilities, but it does everything I ask of it (and nothing more).


Camera batteries that are carry-on only compliant

Extra Batteries: Powerextra

There are few worse situations while traveling than missing out on a wonderful photo-op because of a dead camera. That’s why I never travel without two fully charged batteries at my disposal. These cost less than a fifth of the price of Olympus’s official replacement batteries.


Connectivity & Organization Items 

Blogging is my passion, and my professional life revolves around it.

To leave on a trip without the necessary tools to blog would send me into a spiral of panic and sadness.

Thankfully, I’ve found a place in my packing list for each essential piece of my lightweight blogging gear.

That’s right, I can fit the entirety of my personal and professional needs into one bag and carry it onto an airplane.

That’s freedom.

Here’s my simple, powerful, and efficient travel blogging setup that allows me to live a lightweight and mobile life on the road.


Laptop Stand

External Hard Drive

Laptop Case

Pocket Journal


Travel Adapter

13 inch laptop

Laptop: MacBook Pro 14″

Travel blogging could get annoying quickly without a fast and reliable computer, which is why I invested in the MacBook Pro 14″. This trusty machine has the speed and power to answer all my blogging needs. It’s portable, durable, and lightweight and has never let me down.


Black foldable laptop stand for travel and remote working

Laptop Stand: Roost

Elevating my laptop to eye-level has been a complete game-changer while working remotely. Gone are the days of slouching over to type, which creates bad posture that can lead to back and neck problems. The Roost is the lightest and most portable stand on the market.


White bluetooth keyboard

Bluetooth Keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard

Because I use my Roost to elevate my laptop, I require a keyboard to keep my hands at a comfortable level to type. My Magic Keyboard is essentially a replica of my MacBook’s keyboard, allowing my to type as comfortably as I had before I started using a stand.


Black bluetooth mouse for travel packing

Bluetooth Mouse: Keychron M3

Sure, I could have gone all-out Apple and sprung for one of their mouses, but I went for a lighter and more affordable option recommended to me by a tech dork that I trust. My M3 has worked out well for me so far, and has stood up well to the abuses of travel.


Portable external hard drive

Hard Drive: 4 TB WD My Passport

In the dreadful event that my laptop disappears or gets damaged, it’s imperative to have its valuable contents backed up. Thankfully, I can do so with my trusty external hard drive. Backing up my computer’s important files gives me security and peace of mind.


Turquoise laptop case for travel

Laptop Case: ProCase

Protecting my MacBook Pro while I travel is mandatory. That’s why I carry this generously padded and water-resistant case. I love its external pocket and slide-out handle, which both come in handy for digital nomads like myself. Tip: order one size down.


Leather bound pocket journal

Pocket Journal: Moleskine Soft Cover

I’m a forgetful writer, so my pocket journal is one of the most valuable blogging tools I carry. It has a thick leather-like cover and durable pages that hold up to the relentless abuses of travel. With it, I capture fleeting details that otherwise might fade from my memory.


Oval shaped pen

Pen: Fisher Space Bullet

I’d be doing my journal a disservice if I didn’t bring along a suitable pen to go with it. The Fisher Space Bullet is sleek, reliable, and versatile. It uses pressurized cartridges, which allow me to write at any angle or livable temperature, and even underwater.


Travel adapter with many ports

Travel Adapter: Worldwide All-in-One

I can’t keep track of the different types of wall outlets during international travel, so I bought this handy all-in-one travel adapter. By carrying it, I don’t need to worry about foreign power systems or voltages. I simply fold out the proper plug-in and pop it in the wall.


Travel Toiletries

Remember when I said that I usually manage not to come across as a scruffy and stinky drifter while I travel, despite carrying minimal clothing?

My lightweight travel wardrobe deserves a lot of credit, but my compact and high-quality toiletries set should get some recognition too.

I’ve somehow managed to squeeze all of my hygienic travel needs into a small and durable toiletries bag that weighs almost nothing.

My lightweight little kit packs perfectly into my bag and leaves ample room for the rest of the travel gear on my list.

I pack only TSA-approved liquids that are 3.4 oz (100 ml) or less and, by doing so, free up plenty of room for the rest of my lightweight travel gear.

Toiletries Bag


Hair-Styling Product




Dental Floss


Contact Solution/Case

Ear Cleaner/Swabs


Nail Clippers



Sleep Aid


Black ULTRA material ditty bag for travel toiletries

Toiletries Bag: UltraLite Sacks

This nifty ditty bag isn’t advertised as a toiletries kit, but it works swimmingly for my current setup. It’s ultralight, durable, waterproof, and fits perfectly inside my travel bag. I use an ultralight trail wallet and a small zippered pouch for extra organization inside.


Two bottles of liquid soap

Soap: Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s is an effective and versatile soap that boasts 18 different uses. I use it along my travels as an effective body wash, shampoo, and laundry detergent. It smells great and is full of healthy and sustainable ingredients. A little of this soap goes a very long way.


Foldable travel tooth brush

Toothbrush: Folding Travel Brush

What you see is what you get. This simple toothbrush folds into itself to save space and keep the bristles from collecting germs in my toiletries bag. As long as I rinse the toothbrush thoroughly after every use, it stays clean and germ-free.


Peppermind toothpaste

Toothpaste: Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint

I’m a sucker for Dr. Bronner’s products. Their toothpaste, just like their soap, is made from simple ingredients that have withstood the test of time. Some natural brands of toothpaste (like Tom’s) don’t seem to leave my mouth feeling completely fresh, but Dr. Bronner’s does.


Stick of deodorant

Deodorant: Sam’s Natural

It took me years of searching and sampling to find an all-natural deodorant that keeps my travel musk at bay. Finally, I came across Sam’s Natural, which boasts over 15 different scents of healthy and long-lasting deodorants that are full of natural ingredients you can pronounce.


Sleek, silver shaving razor

Razor: Dollar Shave Club

I stock up on Dollar Shave Club razors whenever I’m back in the U.S. because they’re affordable, convenient, and they get the job done. Yes, I’ve tried the mail-in alternatives (Harry’s and Gillette), and D.S.C. beats them in both price and quality.


Teeth flosser sticks

Dental Floss: Plackers Micro Mint

For whatever reason, I can’t stand flossing my teeth the old-fashioned way – with a string of floss and nothing else. Thankfully, someone invented these nifty little ‘Plackers’ to make dental hygiene much more bearable for struggling flossers like myself.


Metal ear cleaner for travel toiletries

Ear Cleaner: Mudder Ear Pick

Traveling with dozens of pesky Q-tips was an annoying travel reality until I discovered the wonders of the metal ear pick. Not only is my shiny new tool more compact than a handful of Q-tips, but it’s a far healthier way to remove wax from my ear.


Bottle of 5mg melatonin

Sleep Aid: NOW Melatonin

Getting a solid night of sleep on the road isn’t always easy. That’s why melatonin, a natural sleep aid, is an essential part of my lightweight travel setup. When a challenging sleep situation looms in my future, I’ll pop a 5 mg pill, put in my earplugs, and fade away to dreamland.


Bottle of multivitamin capsules

Multivitamin: Naturelo ‘One Daily’

My diet is all over the place when I travel, so I always pack daily multivitamins to ensure that my immune system stays strong. While I prefer eating fresh fruits and vegetables to swallowing capsules, at least I can guarantee that one way or another, I’ll be getting the nutrients I need.


In-Transit Travel Clothing

Whether I’m on a bus, train, or airplane, personal comfort is paramount when I’m in transit for long periods.

This fact of life is why I’ve put together the most comfortable travel outfit possible from head to toe.

The clothes listed below will never actually make it into my fully-packed carry-on bag simply because I always sport them on the days that I travel.

The rigors of being in transit are far more bearable when I’m wearing relaxed, comfortable travel gear.

Put aside your perfect set of comfy travel clothes the night before your trip and get ready for maximum comfort along your journey.

Long Sleeve Shirt


Travel Shoes






Grey long-sleeved shirt

Long Sleeve Shirt: Carhartt Force Extremes

In many ways, the Carhartt Force Extreme is the perfect ‘in transit’ top. It’s breathable enough to keep me from overheating in hot and muggy situations, but also substantial enough to keep me warm when the A/C is blasting down. It’s the best travel shirt in my arsenal.


Black travel jogger pants

Athletic Pants: Brokig Joggers

A comfortable pair of pants is essential when I’m in transit for long periods, which is why I always wear these ultra-cozy joggers during my travel days. They’re a 65% cotton, 35% polyester blend, which makes the material soft, stretchy, and breathable – the perfect combo for long hauls.


Athletic Shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D V8

Though the XA Pro 3Ds are trail runners, they’re a great everyday travel shoe as well. I’ve put hundreds of hard-earned travel miles on these shoes and also taken them into the mountains for long-distance hiking adventures. They’re stylish, versatile, and are my go-to travel shoe.


Black breathable athletic hat with reflective logo

Hat: Vuori Athletics

I’d feel naked along my travels without my trusty Vuori hat. See, the cap and I have developed a brotherly connection over the years. The miles we’ve covered and the wild travel memories we’ve made together have only strengthened our bond.


Tortoise shell sunglasses

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Square

I got lucky at a thrift shop years ago and scored a pair of these for only 20 bucks. What a steal. Since then, they’ve become a vital part of my travel outfit. These wide-lense shades block out light and allow me to catch sleep for long stretches in less-than-ideal situations.


Black boxer briefs

Boxer Briefs: ExOfficio Give ‘n’ Go

As I mentioned before, these are my go-to everyday boxer briefs. That means I definitely wear them on days I travel. For women with undie-envy, check out the ExOfficio Give ‘n’ Go Bikini Briefs, which are also lightweight, breathable, and highly reviewed.


Black wool sock

Socks: Darn Tough No Show

These are such an exceptional pair of socks that I had to mention them twice. They work wonders for my feet on busy travel days, keeping them cozy, dry, and fresh. For a higher cut sock, check out the Darn Tough Hiker 1/4 Cushion.


Live the Carry-On Travel Lifestyle

So, there you have it, an up-close glimpse at every single item inside my lightweight and portable travel bag.

Thanks to my carry-on travel packing list, I have the freedom to go wherever I want and do as I please in the most efficient way possible.

Snow-capped mountains? Tropical beaches? Urban jungles? All of the above.

Now, it’s your turn.

Take a step back and look inside your travel luggage.

Is your baggage an overstuffed mess of clutter and confusion?

Do you have a lightweight and ultra-portable ‘do-it-all’ setup like mine?

Do you fall somewhere in between?

Whatever the inside of your bag looks like, remember this:

Traveling light is a mindset.

It’s a conscious decision.

Freedom and mobility are enjoyed by those who lighten their load.

Last Updated on July 4, 2024

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