16 Best Travel Shoes for Walking All Day [Men’s & Women’s]

Last Updated on January 5, 2023

Man holding a rolling suitcase and wearing a black pair of travel shoes while he waits for a train

Our Favorite Travel Shoes for Walking All Day (Men’s & Women’s Models)


Smart travelers know the value of great shoes. When you’re on your feet all day — whether it’s hiking a trail or exploring neighborhoods in a new city — the shoes you wear can make an enormous difference. So thanks for joining me here as I report on the best men’s and women’s travel shoes for walking all day in 2023.

I’m a minimalist and typically only take one or two pairs of shoes on the road. My best travel shoes are stylish, lightweight, and comfortable all day long. In the summer I look for more breathable shoes, and in winter I want watertight durability.

Travel shoe styles vary from person to person. This list includes sneakers, loafers, slip-ons, athletic shoes, and a few sandals that I’ve evaluated for comfort, style, packability, and other key factors.

I’ve traveled extensively in Europe for business and personal travel, and some of these are my absolute favorite shoes. I’m happy to share my findings on such brands as Allbirds, Xero, TOMS, Reebok, and Blundstone, as these companies make some truly stellar shoes.

Travel is bouncing back after the pandemic, so let’s dive into my list of the best men’s and women’s travel shoes for walking all day in 2023.


Best All-Around
Allbirds Tree Runners

Allbirds Tree Runners

I’m a huge fan of the Allbirds Tree Runners. They come in a wide variety of colors, and you’ll love their breathability and packability. You’ll have no problem squishing them down flat and tying them to the side of your backpack or even stuffing them into the water bottle pocket.

I criss-crossed Europe in my Allbirds and washed them several times. They held up great! The best thing about Allbirds is how lightweight they are. They’re perfect for walking all day, thanks to the stretchy material that molds to your feet.

If you’re looking for responsibly sourced and comfortable all-day shoes, I can highly recommend the Allbirds.



SeaVees Huntington Middie comfortable travel slip-ons

Want a slightly more stylish option than the Allbirds? The SeaVees Huntington Middie is my favorite slip-on shoe for travel in 2023. The high top and suede material make them easy to dress up or down.

SeaVees are perfect travel companions. I love the simple, minimalistic look they bring to any outfit, so they look great day and night.

Plus, they’re super comfortable and easy to slip on and off. Quite a few online reviewers say SeaVees aren’t just a travel shoe but also a go-to everyday casual shoe.



Zero-Drop Barefoot Shoes
Xero Prio

Xero Prio zero-drop minimalist footwear

I recommend the Xero Prio for the zero-drop traveler because they’re lightweight, versatile, and minimalist, making them excellent travel shoes.

Travel is hard on the body, and some people prefer the benefits of a zero-drop shoe with the natural fit and feel that promotes healthy walking habits. In comparison, traditional shoes can produce an unnatural gait that increases the likelihood of injury.

Prio shoes can handle anything – from running, hiking, working out, and walking. Its versatility and durability make it perfect for a new adventure every day when traveling.



Zero-Drop Barefoot Boots
Lems Boulder Vegan

Lems Boulder Vegan barefoot boots

Traveling in the fall or winter? I’d opt for Lems’ Boulder Vegan Boots. The neutral colors go with any outfit, and they pack down to a size of a puff jacket, making them an easy must-carry.

Lems is a vegan-friendly Colorado brand that strives to make responsibly produced and sustainable footwear. They use recycled products to create new materials and also partner with a non-profit.

The Lems cork footbed molds to your feet and has a wide toebox, so this zero-drop style is perfect for travelers who are on their feet all day. You have a choice of materials to help you find the one that best matches your travel needs.



All-Purpose Sneakers
Reebok Classic

White Reebok Classic all-purpose sneakers

If you’re a fan of sneakers, the Reebok Classic offers excellent support and comes in an array of colors and styles.

The downside to these shoes is their limited packability and versatility. Compared to others on this list, the Reebok Classics don’t pack down as small and don’t dress up as easily for attending those special dinner events.

I love these Reeboks because they’re highly functional and will take you to your destination in comfy sneaker style.



Budget-Friendly Slip-Ons

TOMS brand slip-on travel shoes for men and women

When I visited Nepal on a business trip, I wanted comfortable travel shoes I could scuff up and not worry about what they cost. TOMS Slip-Ons are ideal as an affordable travel-friendly slip-on shoe.

Their casual, straightforward, and minimalist style makes them extremely easy to pack. They fit nicely into the mesh section on the outside of your backpack.

Also, TOMS is charity-minded. For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need.



Trail Running Shoes
Salomon Sonic 5 Confidence

Salomon Sonic 5 Confidence trail runners

The Salomon Sonic 5 Confidence is made for trail running but also works well as a travel shoe. They’re versatile for active travelers who like to walk, run, and hike all day.

These shoes have ample cushion that makes long walks in the city easier on your knees. However, they aren’t as stylish as some and don’t dress up as easily.

Salomon is a trusted and well-reviewed brand. The Sonic 4 is a fine addition to their respected product line.



Stylish Hiking Shoes
Merrell Burnt Rock

Merrell Burnt Rock hiking shoes

I love the Merrell Burnt Rock because they’re so stylish. These are ideal for travelers who like to hit the trail occasionally but also know they’ll spend most of their time in the city.

The Burnt Rock comes in various colors, and their earth-toned palette makes them about as versatile of a shoe as you’ll find on this list. The mixture of suede and mesh make them breathable like a sneaker, but with style.

Flip the shoe over and you’ll find a beautiful rubber outsole for reliable traction, yet these don’t look like hiking shoes.


Tough Fitness Kicks
GORUCK Ballistic Trainers

GORUCK Ballistic Trainers

Are you an active traveler who pushes most shoes to their limits? Or someone who will work out CrossFit-style before racing off to see the sights? Then I wholeheartedly recommend the GORUCK Ballistic Trainers.

The Ballistic Trainers are designed for the traveler who puts their shoes through hell. They’re extra supportive, with tough nylon uppers and durable triple compound rubber. These shoes are seriously durable.

Not only are they built to last, but also are stylish and versatile enough for any casual travel. They’re low-profile sneakers in neutral colors that can be paired with any casual clothing. The GORUCK Ballistic Trainers make for a perfect travel shoe for the always-on-the-move traveler.



Men’s Dress Shoes
Florsheim Oxford

Florsheim Oxford men's dress footwear

For men who like to travel in style, the Florsheim Oxfords are ideal shoes for looking good all day and night. I recommend these for business commuters who need to balance professionalism with their active lifestyle.

The Oxfords have a very classic, minimalist style. Their Ortholite X-40 rebound foam soles deliver non-stop comfort no matter how long you’re on your feet.

The Florsheim Oxford is a quality dress shoe that won’t break your budget. Traveling for work is often tiring, but these shoes will cushion your feet and keep the spring in your step.


Women’s Dress Shoes
Rothy’s The Point

Rothy’s The Point slip-on women's dress shoes

Rothy’s is a high-quality brand that’s known for transforming recycled plastic bottles into simple, stylish shoes. They have classic silhouettes and a variety of styles to match your personality.

Why have I included them on this list? Not only are they simple and packable, but they’re designed to be washed. I’ve had mine for years, and even after several washes, they look as good as new.

While they cost a bit more, the material quality and durability are well worth the price. For businesswomen on their feet all day, these are the stylish flats you’ve been wanting.


Slip-On Chelsea Boots
Blundstone 550

Blundstone 550 leather slip-on chelsea boots

These are my go-to winter travel shoes — versatile and stylish slip-on Chelsea boots that are easy to love. Yes, they’re one of the more expensive options here, but well worth the investment.

If I was traveling and could only bring one pair of shoes, I’d bring these. I can work, hike, or walk all day in them with no problem. Compared to the Lems, the Blundstone 550 are more durable and rugged. They do get a bit hot in warmer climates, so consider the low cuts.

Caution: Blundstone is an Australian brand, and AU and US sizes differ slightly. For example, at REI the boot size on the box is AU sizing but the size selection tool on the website is US sizing. Make sure you’re ordering the right size.



Classy Slide-On Sandals
Birkenstock Arizona

Birkenstock Arizona comfortable slide-on travel sandals

Our favorite versatile slide-on sandals of 2023 are the Birkenstock Arizonas. These are a classic style that has transitioned from dorky to stylish over the years.

I sometimes travel in summer with friends who also wear these shoes. We all agree that they’re ultra-comfortable and perfect for all-day treks in the city. Whether you wake up in hostels or highrise hotels, these are reliable urban cruisers.

One caveat, however: on hot, sweaty days in these sandals, my feet sometimes get blisters, so I’ll usually opt for sneakers instead. Other than that, I love my Birkenstocks for traveling.


Unbreakable Flip-Flops
Rainbow Double Layer

Rainbow Double Layer flip flops

Rainbows are flip-flops built for the long haul. But be sure to break these in before your trip. They may be uncomfortable at first, but once they mold to your feet, you’ll never want to take them off.

I know people who have worn these for years and swear by them. As with some of the other shoes on this list, these are quite flat and packable. The two shoes sandwiched together are about the thickness of a paperback book.

The Rainbow product guarantee covers all manufacturing defects for life, no matter how old. This lifetime replacement policy is another reason to love these traveler favorites.



Minimalist Barefoot Sandals
Bedrock Cairn

Bedrock Cairn minimalist barefoot sandals

If you’re traveling to a warm climate and have little need to dress up, I’d recommend the Bedrock Cairn. In another post, I chose these as the top minimalist barefoot sandal for 2023, due to the Bedrock Cairn’s many excellent qualities for active travelers on the go.

Weighing only one pound, these are lightweight as well as super-compact. You’ll barely notice them in your suitcase or backpack.

The Bedrock Cairn sandals are the best zero-drop option for travelers who want to connect with the earth. Their lightweight and rugged sole makes them a great choice for your adventures.



Hiking Sandals
Teva Universal

Teva Universal sandal for men and women

Want a more substantial and supportive sandal than the Bedrocks? I’d point you to the Teva Universal Sandal — versatile, classic, and more affordable.

These come in several neutral colors that simplify dress-up. I had a pair with copper-colored straps that paired easily with dresses I wore for a summer in Italy.

Teva Universals are lightweight and can be easily stowed. Save space by using their Velcro straps to fasten them to the outside of your backpack.



Criteria for Travel Shoes & Sandals

Man tying up a pair of tan suede shoes while waiting for a flight in the airport

There are a lot of important factors we considered when putting this list together


This list reflects several key factors you should consider before packing your suitcase with travel shoes. Some may be more relevant than others, based on your travel needs.


No matter where you’re going, your shoes must always be comfortable. Treat your feet right by carefully considering the cushioning and breathability.


Styling is important if a shoe is to be truly versatile. I lean more towards minimalist sneakers if I’ll be going to museums all day followed by a relaxing dinner at night. Save space in your suitcase by packing a style that complements as many of your outfits and activities as possible.

Laced vs. Slip-On

I often pack both styles because they’re easy, convenient, and comfortable. But there are other styles to consider, so choose what works best for you.


As a minimalist traveler, packability is one of my top priorities. I wear my heaviest and bulkiest shoes on the airplane while packing my lighter and more compact pairs. Saving space in your traveling gear is a top consideration when hitting the road.


Weight and packability go hand in hand. And lighter is better when you’re carrying a weekend backpack, duffle, or suitcase. Shoes tend to be one of the heaviest travel items we carry.


Affordability is another key factor. I want all of the factors listed above, but not at a high cost. Remember that your shoes must endure cobblestones, dirt roads, train stations, and the occasional hike. This list focuses on affordable shoes that you won’t mind getting dirty.

Which Travel Shoes Will You Lace Up in 2023?

Man with blue jeans and black boots walking down a cobblestone road at sunset

Travel is a lot more enjoyable with a comfortable pair of shoes


This has been my take on the best men’s and women’s travel shoes for walking all day in 2023. All of these shoes are stylish, comfortable, durable, lightweight and breathable. With any of these, your feet will thank you for making their next travel adventure as comfy as possible.

Don’t waste a single precious travel day looking for new shoes (or band-aids) because you chose the wrong footwear. This list consists of quality brands like Allbirds, Xero, TOMS, Reebok, Blundstone, and others that you can rely on. Please share your experiences in the comments section.

I’ve traveled extensively in Europe wearing several of these shoes and hope my experiences will help you more comfortably navigate all those airports, train stations, and city streets that await you in the future. May all your travel adventures be low-impact, smooth sailing, and on-time!

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