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Budget traveling couple walking down the streets of Prague at sunset

22 Budget Travel Tips: Wise Advice on How to Travel Cheap

Seeing the world doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, if you stick to our time-tested budget travel tips, you can take longer trips while minimizing damage to your savings account. From using VPNs to find the cheapest flights to seeking out the lowest ATM fees, there’s a lot you can do to bring your … Read more

Pack Light, Travel Light: How to Travel with Less (Like a Pro)

Want to travel light? Then you’d better pack light! This simple bit of advice will fix most of problems if you’re a traveler who is weighed down with a suitcase that’s bursting at the seams and endangering anyone in its path. Beyond bringing less, there’s more to the art of one bag packing and travel. … Read more
Hostel sign and hotel sign split screen

Hostel vs Hotel: Differences, Safety & What’s Right for You

If you’re a worn-out traveler, you’ll need a place to rest your weary bones at the end of the day. This biological necessity comes with a price tag and a slew of options, chief amongst which lies the decision between picking a hostel vs hotel. It seems like an easy decision, right? Not so fast. … Read more
A man sitting on a motorbike in the middle of a muddy dirt road with a wooden shack to his right and jungle in the background

27 Tips for Motorbiking Vietnam: Getting Ready to Ride

Motorbiking the vast countrysides of Northern Vietnam was one of the most rewarding travel experiences I’ve ever had. Breathtaking vistas of layered rice terraces, wandering water buffalo, blissful and generous people, authentic local cuisine — it all felt too amazing to be real. I was living out an exhilarating and spontaneous dream, and each day … Read more
A silhouette flexing in front of Crater Lake, Oregon

The Bodyweight Travel Workout: No Equipment, No Problem

When caught up in the exciting and unpredictable throes of travel, it’s quite easy to push personal fitness to the back-burner or neglect it completely. I get it. I’m living and breathing proof. I’ve pulled hazy all-nighters at Peruvian casinos. I’ve ingested frightening amounts of Chinese street food under the buzz of flickering streetlights. I’ve … Read more
Water, earplugs, glasses, melatonin, and a plant on a bedside table in a hostel to help sleeping

Sleeping in Hostels: 8 Tips for Falling (and Staying) Asleep

Let’s face it: finding sleep in a hostel dorm with eleven strangers doesn’t exactly come easy. Chances are, one person will snore like a freight train, another will stumble into the room drunk at 3:00 a.m., and a third person’s alarm will go off well before the sun rises (and they will hit snooze repeatedly). … Read more
A man sitting in a natural pool of water above Mooney Falls in Havasupai, Arizona

Travel Savings 101: How I Stashed Money to Travel Indefinitely

Life in my late-20s wasn’t going as planned. I was a travel-hungry restaurant worker with $31,000 in debt and nothing in my savings account. I spent my days working an increasingly frustrating job, and I was unsure if I’d ever lead a life that inspired me. Long-term travel had been a goal of mine since … Read more