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5 Days in Hong Kong: My Spontaneous & Itinerary-Free Trip

My spur of the moment trip to Hong Kong was born from a late-night conversation with a travel-hungry friend 10,000 miles away. It was a wild, impulsive, and indelible adventure; a chance journey that wasn’t really meant to take place, but played out perfectly nonetheless. Our five-day meet-up was a blur of world-class food, bumpy … Read more

Paragliding Chengdu: Soaring Through Sichuan Skies

โ€œRun as fast as you can. Go straight. Run fast.โ€ Those were the only directions I got as I prepared mentally for my first paragliding ride. Was that really all there was to it? My stomach knotted and my heart began to pound as my instructor readied our gigantic nylon parachute. I clenched my jaw … Read more
A woman driving a red cart full of baskets of stawberries

My Chengdu Street Food Marathon: 32 Snacks in 10 Hours

Was I really going to eat 32 different types of Chengdu street food in just one day and live to blog about it? A gluttonous marathon to challenge both my stomach and self-control? Why would I risk such a culinary overload? There have got to be more relaxing ways to celebrate my birthday, right?! Let … Read more
Woman riding a cart full of vegetables down a crowded outdoor market in Chengdu, China

Chengdu’s Wenshu Monastery Neighborhood: What to Do (and Eat)

Iโ€™ve just returned from the Wenshu Monastery neighborhood, and Iโ€™m itching to go back. When I arrived two days ago, I did so with no expectations and zero research. I simply dropped my bags at the hostel and started walking. Bustling markets, fragrant Sichuan cuisine, fascinating people, ancient history, and a vibrant culture — I … Read more