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Hey! It’s Noel Krasomil, the founder of The Packable Life. Thanks for stopping by.

I launched this website in November of 2018 with the goal of becoming a trusted resource for determined travelers, hikers, and backpackers worldwide. I’ve committed myself to a life of exploration, and I want to help others pursue their own travel- and hiking-related passions.

The Packable Life is focused on encouraging minimalist travel, ultralight backpacking, blogging remotely, and exploring budget-friendly destinations.

Since the website’s creation, The Packable Life has gained a rapidly growing following of loyal readers through its top-notch, SEO-driven content. The site has reached a diverse audience in over 120 countries, and more people are discovering The Packable Life every day.

I’m determined to keep creating inspiring content that reaches an ever-expanding audience. Traveling, writing, photography, marketing, SEO, web design? Yes, please. I’m all-in.

I’m motivated to join forces with other passionate people who share my love for travel and my desire to create quality content. Interested in working with me? Keep reading.

Demographics & Statistics

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TPL’s Demographics

Monthly Unique Visitors: 85,000 | Monthly Page Views: 100,000

In addition to reaching a diverse worldwide audience, The Packable Life is expanding its reach at a rapid pace. The website saw a 98% overall traffic increase from July 2022 to July 2023. Numbers are trending in the right direction.

Organic Traffic Growth

While building The Packable Life, I’ve placed a strong emphasis on creating quality content that is optimized for search engines. This mindset has lead to a steadily growing presence on the first page of Google.

SEO will continue to be the driving force behind the content I create, meaning my work will be discovered through organic web searches for years after I create it.

Services I Offer

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Guest Posting

I’m available to write guest posts for established travel blogs with a strong online presence. I will consider writing such posts in exchange for a minimum of one ‘do-follow’ link back to my website.

Currently, The Packable Life does not accept guest posts.

Sponsored Trips

Do you have a place or an event that you would like me to promote? Reach out to me! I’m open to working with tourism boards, hostels, hotels, event planners, and more to promote locations and businesses that align with The Packable Life brand.

Get in touch with me if you want your brand to meet the eyes of my ever-expanding network of travel-centric readers.

Product Reviews

I’m a hopeless gear junkie. Every product I own has gone under my personal ‘gear review microscope’ at some point or another. Analyzing products and assessing their usefulness comes naturally to me.

Is there a product you would like me to review? Reach out to me and perhaps I can give it a detailed and unbiased writeup on my website. All paid posts will be clearly advertised as such.

Portfolio of Popular Posts

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Contact Me

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Want to work together? Please contact me through email or via the social media links below. Be clear and concise in your communication and I’ll be sure to return a thoughtful response.

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